Welcome to Harbin Huade University!

Quality and Resources

1.The staff-cultivate and Training Key Base of National Vocation Education,granted by China's Ministry of Education.

2.China's Vocational Education Teachers of Professional Skills Training Demonstration Unit,granted by China's Ministry of Education.

3.The National Advanced Organization granted by China's Ministry of Education.

4.One of the First 35 Universities in the Alliance China University of Applied Technology.

5.The member of Non-profit Alliance of Private Colleges.

6.One of the Outstanding Universities of Chinese Private Education.

7.The Advanced Collective of Chinese Private Education.

8.The First Huang Yanpei Award for the Outstanding President in China.

9.The Second Huang Yanpei Award for the Outstanding University in China.

10.The Third Huang Yanpei Award for the Outstanding Teacher in China.

11.The First Batch of Pilot Universities in Heilongjiang Province to Cultivate Outstanding Engineers.

12.Excellent Graduates Employment College in Heilongjiang.

13.One of Best Public Praise Colleges in Heilongjiang.

14.Thousands of Domestic and Overseas Awards.

15.One of the Most Beautiful Ecological Campus in Heilongjiang Province.