Welcome to Harbin Huade University!

Our school was founded in 2004 with current two departments: Department of Art and Design and Department of Media Technology. There are four majors: Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Broadcast and TV Editing, and Animation. Oriented by the principle of professional and vocational capability and targeted by training high-quality practical artistic talents with international outlook, our school formulates teaching pattern relying on the market demand for artistic design,whose teaching effectiveness is evaluated by the personnel qualifications of professions. Our school is committed to training high-level and applied talents in artistic design and media technology.


Our school possesses sufficient educational resources and well-equipped teaching facilities with a total number of twenty-eight laboratories like Professional Drawing Laboratory, Computer Graphics Laboratory, Video Post-Production Laboratory, Dressing Laboratory, Sculpture Laboratory, Cluster Render Laboratory, Animation Check Laboratory, Lighting and Photography Technology Laboratory and Imaging Input and Output Laboratory. It has the only Collegiate Ice and Snow Art Center within Heilongjiang Province. At present, our school has set up internship bases with such sixteen enterprises and research institutions like HIT Group Media Co. Ltd., Harbin Sun Island Scenic Spot Asset Management Company, HJL TV station, and Harbin Animation Industrial Base.


Since long our school has been emphasizing the development of students’ practical ability with our characteristic teaching type of both teaching and competition involvements. Our teaching staff and students have won approximately five hundred awards in professional all international , state -level , provincial-level, and municipal-level competitions and have won international gold medals in international Snow sculpture Competitions in Italy and Japan on behalf of China. Up to now, our school remains the only Chinese(Official) group to have won gold medal in ice sculpture competitions. In addition, our school has successively won the only international gold awards in Korean Environment Design Competition and first prize(Only one within province) in Sixth National Collegiate Advertising Competition.


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Department of Environmental Art Design
Department of Animation