Welcome to Harbin Huade University!


Finding root in the fertile ground of HIT and witnessing its development to now, Huade University is a higher-learning university committed to training applied talents. We inherit the strict teaching style and educating tradition, learn and assimilate advanced educational philosophy along with all beneficial experiences and add up unique cultural richness and inner contents. Individual development of students, occupational skills and career development are of first priority. We advocate our Huade spirits of love, duty, honor, concerted efforts and tenacity.


Our responsibilities are to motivate students’ will, guide students roaming in the ocean of knowledge, encourage students to join the competition, enrich experiences through practice and land their favorite jobs. We are open to strengthen international communication and cooperation aiming at helping students broaden horizon and form global vision.


We have firmly believed that consistent pursuit and faith in our university ideal as well as constant innovation of teaching and education will undoubtedly obtain a better and dynamic future, which encourages us to make great strides towards achieving a famous private applied higher-learning university.